3 Reasons To Hire a Tenant Placement Service in Tulsa

3 Reasons To Hire a Tenant Placement Service in Tulsa

Recent statistics show that about 36 percent of Americans rent a place to live. As an investor, keeping tenants in your properties to have constant cash flow is essential. Finding the right tenants makes for a much smoother ride for a property owner or investor. 

Hiring tenant placement services includes marketing, screening, and negotiating contacts. A Tulsa tenant placement company gives you peace of mind knowing you'll get the best tenants for your rental units.

Here are three reasons to hire a tenant placement company in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

1. Advertising and Marketing

Part of your tenant placement agreement means a professional company will take care of all advertising and marketing of your properties. Reaching your target audience, whether it's college students, young professionals, or older adults, is part of their expertise. A company specializing in tenant placement in Tusla are expert in using the latest techniques to reach potential tenants. 

Tenant placement services will employ social media as part of their strategy. With social media users increasing rapidly, you'll need a good action plan moving forward.

Marketing experts in Tulsa tenant placements will also break down the right demographics. These figures can help get the right tenants who can afford the rent. 

2. Screening

There are plenty of things to watch out for in the screening process, including poor credit scores, criminal history, or even an eviction. You also want someone with steady employment and is looking to stay for the long-term. An expert in tenant placement in Tulsa knows all of the red flags to watch out for in the screening process. 

You must know the proper screening process to avoid any lawsuits or complaints. There are rules for housing discrimination, and it's best to know the regulations as part of the tenant placement agreement. 

Good tenants are tough to find, but many property owners will tell you bad tenants are plentiful. 

3. Contract Negotiations

A tenant placement expert will negotiate and look over the contract with your tenants. Depending on the properties you rent, the situation might be different for each unit.

It's important to get everything in writing. Be sure to stipulate any rent increases. Also, be sure the tenant understands their responsibilities when it comes to damages such as broken appliances.  

You can also negotiate the tenant placement fee, which is a full month's rent in many cases. However, a tenant placement fee can also be half or a quarter of one month's rent.

Three Reasons for Hiring Tenant Placement Services 

Three reasons for hiring tenant placement services in Tulsa, OK, include advertising and marketing, screening, and contract negotiations. Putting these steps in place will help keep your units full.  

Contact us today, and lets us help you find the right tenants! You'll get the best tenants with our professional services. Having an expert in place can help you avoid pitfalls and missteps in the tenant placement process.

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