5 Reasons Why You Should Inspect a Rental Property While Occupied in Tulsa

5 Reasons Why You Should Inspect a Rental Property While Occupied in Tulsa

Tulsa property investors know how critical it is to schedule pre-and post-move-in inspections. Combined, the two assessments provide a snapshot of a property before and after tenants occupy it.

Savvy investors add another inspection to the mix. Here are five reasons why rental property inspections are essential during the lease period.

1. Check on the Condition of Your Property

Staying informed about the condition of their rental property allows an owner to address potential issues before they become expensive problems. It's easy enough to make a quick drive-by inspection, and the information you'll gather is priceless.

Drive-by inspections don't require notice to tenants because you're not entering their living space. That said, be careful not to overstep. Tenants have a right to privacy and to experience quiet enjoyment in their homes.

If you use a rental property management company, they will notify the tenant about possible repairs or steps to address your concerns.

2. Address Ongoing Maintenance Issues

All properties need seasonal maintenance—exterior and interior—so why not take care of maintenance and routine inspections simultaneously?

Clean the gutters and weatherize plumbing. At the same time, assess your rental property for present and future repair needs.

Tip: Your property management team can use scheduled inspections to share ideas with tenants about how they can better care for the property.

3. What's Going on Inside Your Rental Property?

While tenants have rights regarding privacy, that doesn't mean they can participate in criminal activity on your rental property. However, inspections done during the lease period may uncover signs of criminal behavior.

Generally, a property owner isn't liable when a tenant creates a nuisance. However, there are circumstances such as allowing a tenant to continue dealing drugs on the premises that can create a liability for a property owner and their management team, including but not limited to lawsuits and higher rental property insurance rates.

4. Ensure Tenants Abide by Your Pet Policy

Most property owners include a pet policy in the leasing documents. Unfortunately, while most tenants will comply, it's not uncommon for some tenants to sneak in unauthorized pets.

Inspections during the tenant's occupancy are an excellent way to ensure tenants abide by your policy on pets.

Of course, unless it's a justifiable emergency, you'll need to provide a minimum of 24-hour notice. While it can give the tenant time to hide their animals, you'll still be able to detect the presence of pets.

5. Inspections Improve Owner-Tenant Relationships

Whether you live in Tulsa, OK, or another state, maintaining good relationships with tenants is vital. Regular, scheduled inspections help improve those relationships because you (or your property manager) can meet your tenants face-to-face.

Inspections allow you to assess how well you're meeting your tenants' needs. If there's something you're not addressing, it's an excellent opportunity to act quickly.

Happy tenants usually take better care of your property. They're also more likely to renew their rental contract.

We Specialize in Private Owner Rental Properties

As you can see, inspections done during the rental agreement period have multiple benefits. So why not take the management of your rental property one step further?

HomeRiver Group Tulsa offers a range of property management services, including rental property inspections. Let one of the premier property management companies in Tulsa help protect your investment.

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