The Best Neighborhoods in Tulsa, OK to Invest In Real Estate

The Best Neighborhoods in Tulsa, OK to Invest In Real Estate

There's no denying that Tulsa, OK, is becoming one of the more exciting and attractive places to live. More and more is happening around town, whether it be the opening of the new Bob Dylan Center or the $10,000 remote work program.

If you want to catch this burgeoning city during its rise, the moment is now. Tulsa real estate will only become more coveted in the coming years, and there's never been a better time to invest.

If you're still somewhat new to all that Tulsa has to offer, you might be uncertain how to make the best use of this opportunity. For example, what are the best neighborhoods in Tulsa to invest in?

Have no fear - we'll walk you through what you need to know about Tulsa's many alluring neighborhoods and help you pick out the best spots to invest.

Cherry Street

One of the most ideal places to invest in real estate in any town is in the neighborhoods where young families hope to move. Couples just beginning their family lives likely may still be renting but have the stability and income available to become perfect tenants.

In Tulsa, the neighborhood where most young families head to is none other than Cherry Street. Local businesses in this neighborhood are thriving, and there's a solid entertainment and arts culture.

At the same time, it's relatively quiet and safe and offers access to strong schools and education possibilities. It's hard to beat for residents, which is why it should also be hard to pass by as a potential property investment.


Brookside is one of the liveliest and most happening neighborhoods in Tulsa. It's got a huge number of eateries, bars, and entertainment options. It's a hip, young area that has an always-exciting energy to be around.

While not everyone will want to live right in the center of the action, many young people will. These young people are the same people that will want to be renting from someone as they get their sea legs in a new city.

The neighborhood also has the most coffee shops in the area, making it the natural neighborhood option for those who have switched to remote work. If you're investing in local property in Tulsa, Brookside is a neighborhood you must consider.

Riverview Historic District

Looking to rent somewhere that's a little less youth-centric? There are some amazing properties worth taking a look at in the city's historic district, which boats more families in an amazingly preserved middle-class neighborhood.

Most middle-class neighborhoods around the country don't boast such beautiful, preserved buildings, which makes this part of town highly attractive.

It also has access to great schools and shopping possibilities, drawing in plenty of interested patrons from across the country.

Best Neighborhoods in Tulsa to Invest In

If you're looking to get into property investing in Tulsa, you'll want to know which neighborhoods are going to provide the best possible opportunities. The above are some of the best neighborhoods in Tulsa and will be well worth looking into during your search.

Need help managing your new investment? Have more questions about Tulsa property? Give us a call anytime for assistance.

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