The Services Offered by Full Service Property Management Companies

The Services Offered by Full Service Property Management Companies

Property management is a nearly $100 billion industry. A full-service property management services provider runs your investment property while allowing you to reap the benefits. Moreover, a full-service property management company saves you time as a property owner. 

A property management company takes care of maintenance and repairs, collects rent, and fills vacancies. As a property owner, a management company overseeing your rental property is a must.

Here's more on the offerings of a full-service property management company.

Maintenance and Repairs

When a pipe breaks or there's a broken window at your rental property, whom do you call? The property management services provider has employees who can make the basic fixes. They ensure to take take care of the basic needs of the tenants.

If your real estate needs more significant fixes, the management company has a deep list of contacts to resolve the issue. When something breaks in the middle of the night, they will know whom to call. 

In addition, your real estate investment will need routine maintenance. A management company will keep on top of the basic fixes to keep it in tip-top shape. 

After a tenant moves out, property managers will inspect the property for damages. 

Collects Rent

Collecting rent on time is crucial for you as a property owner. You need the money each month to meet your financial obligations. You must pay mortgages and taxes with rent money.

Inflation and the rising cost of rental properties are forcing many people to be behind on their rent each month. A property management company will do its due diligence to ensure people pay on time. And if a payment is late, they know the correct process for getting your money.

To make things easier, a management company will use technology, such as apps and direct withdrawals, to see that renters pay on time.

Fills Vacancies

Empty rental units cost you money. The longer a rental unit sits empty, the more challenging it is for you to pay your bills.

You must have a management company use the proper advertising and marketing techniques to get your units rented. Social media, newspaper ads, and bulletin boards are some approaches. 

Marketing is time-consuming. You'll never get the right tenants if advertising in the wrong places. 

A property management company will also ask the right questions and help you avoid housing discrimination complaints. You want the best tenants who treat your property with respect and make prompt rental payments. 

Offerings of a Full-Service Property Management Company 

Several full-service property management company offerings include maintenance and repairs and collecting rent. Should vacancies arise, a management company will fill the void. A rental is a significant investment, but you'll help manage the details.

Contact us today, and let us help you manage your investment property! We can help you oversee your rental units with the care they deserve. We will tailor our professional skills to your every need. 

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